Jun 12

A big update is coming…


I have been neglecting the website lately but for the greater good! I have been busy doing a few sites but a lot of time learning a whole lot of cool new features for WordPress, HTML5, and CSS.

Net technologies are moving at a pretty rapid rate now (probably due to smartphone use) and it’s fun but time consuming to squeeze all the new stuff into my brain.



So what’s up next?

There are a few websites I have done that I’ll add to the portfolio. (e.g. http://www.myqrcode.co.nz and http://themasonichotel.co.nz )

I’m about to redo the site (again!?) and that is exciting!

Social media/blog attack – It’s essential for everyone and I have been a bit relaxed on it myself. The future of websites will have a heavy focus onĀ  communicating and the combined effort of WordPress plus Facebook, Twitter and a few others needs to become a weekly habit!


Anyway, time to draw up a few print ads!







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